Harmonious Unified Sound of "Church Music" by Music by Gestalt

The term "gestalt" has been widely used in the field of psychology which defined the perception of human mind to group any object not in part but as a 'unified' whole. Music in general is polytonic - i.e. a combination of a number of pure tones (frequencies) mixed together in a manner that sounds harmonious.

Music by Gestalt is a jazz group from Los Angeles, California. Gestalt is a band focused on creating recorded music for film, dance, collaborative projects, and sometimes for dancing.  It's really not about the notes themselves, but how the music comes together.  And what you hear, when you listen to Music by Gestalt, is pure bliss. The group's new song, "Church Music," is filled with a driving rhythm that, without saying one word, drives up a spirit of hope, enlightenment, and energy. The track is filled with pulsating piano, percussive, and string elements that evoke spiritual vibrations similar to goose bumps, but which also dance.  

Paul Davies, in the Psychology of Music, once said, “so far as music is concerned, the argument from here…when people here a sequence of tones, they group these into perceptual units which will be as ‘good as the prevailing conditions allow.’ Assuming that they can do this with some success, the sequence of tones will become meaningful, and will be a ‘tune’ in the sense in which we have previously defined tunes.” Music by Gestalt is simply enriching and invigorating. In our current world where we face pandemic, global climate crisis, and international strife, it is good to be able to listen to, and to feel a musical complexity becoming a unified whole. 

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