Ross Victory Rises and Shines Bright with New Song, 'Luminous'

"Luminous" is a smooth, new, uplifting R&B contemporary track by singer, Ross Victory. It's about rising through dark moments using the light within ourselves - a perfect hopeful message for the world as we deal with COVID 19. The crisp vocals, inspirational lyrics, and perfect melody make the song easy listening in such a rough time. Its radio ready thanks to the superb production quality of  J. Caspersen, supporting vocals by Alicia Nicole, and the mixing and mastering by Pxncho! at Good Vibez Studios, Burbank.

By age two, as a giggly yet purposeful toddler, Ross Victory had already mastered the "Happy Birthday" song and was overtaking his family’s pots and pans, clanking them together to form melodies. By age seven, he had begun to record himself with a tape recorder to create original tunes for his grandmother and 1st grade teacher—personalized lullabies that ranged thematically from stargazing to the indisputable greatness of homemade spaghetti. Ross grew up on the smooth soul of the 1990s—Jon B., Babyface, Boyz II Men, Donell Jones, Maxwell, and Toni Braxton, among others.

Despite such strong musical beginnings and making some power plays in the music industry during college, Victory walked away from music--choosing a career in corporate America instead. It was not until after the loss of his brother in 2014 and his father in 2017, that Ross found himself triggered to share his creativity again, understanding the true importance of honoring thy inner child. 

"Candlelight and starlight will lead us
Through the dark moments
We'll rise...
We're Luminous"

With his new song, Ross has stepped out luminously and unapologetically by showing off the full extent of his singing and songwriting ability. Check out the lyric video for Luminous below....

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