Streetwear Spotlight: ANTLIVEPROJECT

Rona has us all on lockdown, but somehow the FedEx man is still out delivering packages. The truth is, the pandemic been just what the doctor ordered for many online based businesses. With boutiques shuttered, and runway shows canceled, fashion trendsetters, are getting even more inspiration from site like Instagram and Tumblr. And buying clothes online is LITERALLY your only option.

One dope brand that has been getting buzz is ANTLIVEPROJECT,  a streetwear that prides itself in bringing people together.  And this New York based urban clothing brand is doing just that. It has already received the thumbs up of hip hop elites like Redman and Jadakiss.

ANTLIVEPROJECT focuses in being creative, unique, and empowering in the form of art with creative design. It represents a cool look, hip, and a feel of confidence.

One of the best sellers right now is the "BROOKLYN HOODIE." It retails for $50 bucks on the website.

You can follow ANTLIVEPROJECT on their website on social media platforms: