2020 has been a truly mystifying year thus far. But ever now and then, we can find a breath of fresh air.  Ukranian born singer, Sysuev has brought a refreshing series of soulful  and masterfully produced songs.  With an exceptional collaborative spirit and a highly refined sound, Sysuev blesses this woeful decade with one last great dance record.

"Every time I try to push away

That gravity pulls me down
So I stay..."

The album, titled 'Mr. Worldwide', is reminiscent of the days when the genre was in its purest form. Inspired by Electro Hip-Hop from the early 2000s, the Ukraine native delivers smooth, sensual and step worthy soundscapes, with a funky gentleman vibe. 

Whether you and your bae are Netflix and chillin’ or stepping out, this album can be the soundtrack. All the songs are catchy, interesting, and effortlessly smooth at the same time. Sysuev shows he is willing to roll with the changing music climate and provide a product that is both trendy and radio-ready. The album encourages listeners to enjoy trouble-free, good times.

"Baby you can be my Ms. Worldwide"
‘Mr. Worldwide’ is grown folks R&B for those who like to kick it at a party and chill afterwards. You can get it now on iTunes and stream it on your favorite platform. Take a listen below.