Debut Album of Country Singer, Paul Haas Has Been A 'Long Long Time' Coming

Paul Haas is set to release his debut album entitled, "Long Long Time." It's a timeless, classic country project, complete with 10 great tracks of good music that bring out the best elements of folk and bluegrass. 

The singer-songwriter  is a true son of California (4th generation, still living in his hometown of Covina, CA). This project has been decades in the making.  The single dad wrote songs in his bedroom at night for 35 years and dreamed of being an artist while working in the trucking industry. He recorded his first song in the winter of 2019 and will be releasing a full album on 6/26/2020.

"I'm looking for some answers, 
I'm looking to the light"

Haas says, "music makes me feel alive." In his song, "Listen to the Wind," he reflects on his life, describing his ups and downs. "I've been rich, and I've been poor." The down home honesty and bluegrass feel of this simple country song resonates with me in a way that makes me want to close my eyes and play it on repeat. 
Listening to "Long Long Time,"  you can hear some of his musical influences: the romance of country crooner George Jones, the Americana grit of Waylon Jennings, the Grand Ole Opry simplicity of Hank Williams, the bluegrass moan of Bill Monroe, the Western swing charm of Bob Wills, the emotional purity of Buddy Holly, and the Zen haiku minimalism of the late, great J.J. Cale. But Paul Haas is truly himself on this album. And we are the better for it. 

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