INADRM Releases New Song -- 'Me-Mow’s Introduction to an Infinite Existence'

INADRM (Pronounced “In A Dream”) is an extremely talented and skilled electronic artist who focuses on creating music that defies the usual rules and genre definitions. His brand new release, entitled “Me-Mow’s Introduction to an Infinite Existence,” is an example of how he bend rules, tones, and blends genres to create driving musical force that slowly builds energy and suspense as to what dope element comes next.  

“Me-Mow’s Introduction to an Infinite Existence” has a distinctive and one-of-kind personality, which definitely speaks volume about the Phoenix, Arizona native's ability and willingness to push creativity to the next level when it comes to creating something unique and compelling. The vocals are soothing and textural, almost acting as an additional instrument, getting lost in a beautiful sea of synth-y swirls and beautiful atmospheric sounds.

In some ways, INADRM is redefining the scope of electronic music. The twenty-eight-year old producer and musician is focusing on timeless tunes over the fodder that fills charts and promoted content today, just like the artists he looked up to. Born Joseph Corrao, he started out with Aphex Twin as a big influence that showed him what you could truly do within the genre when recognizing your abilities and the capabilities of the equipment and software you have in front of you. However artists like Boards of Canada and My Bloody Valentine offered him insights to the creative process, and how the emotional core of your compositions is equal to the technical amazements you produce. With all of this in tow, INADRM set off on a mission to polish his sound and too never deem any experimentation too ridiculous.

Eventually, INADRM found himself blending in the electronic instrumentation and swift pace of the records with ambient background sounds and an overarching psychedelic vibe that makes his music intoxicating to any listener that comes across it. There is an innate danceability concealed within his melodies and rhythm, while also possessing a technical genius that can “make the brain dance,” as INADRM puts it. He views this passion project as just that: a project. He is unique in his ability to admit his faults and absorb the criticism to translate these nitty, gritty details into better music. A slew of singles within this current year speak as living and breathing examples, and INADRM is excited to continue his progress while keeping his fan base full of energetic old faces and plenty of new ones as well! 

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