Jules Esquire's Soulful Euphoric Excursion

Imagine if Neil Diamond, David Bowie and Nate Dogg were able to create a love child, who and what would you get? Jules Esquire is an unrivaled baritone crooner and songwriter with a melodious and soulful sound. His sleek vocal style captivates your senses by paying homage to the past, yet ushering in present and future funk vibes to create a style all his own. 

Last month, Esquire released a splendidly soulful song entitled "Sucka 4 Love." The song is about "when your lover does you so bad but the loving is so good, Sucka," he explained. And just last week, the singer dropped another tune describing a 19 year old erotic dancer. The track, "Erotic Dancer" is full of energy and soul. Its the perfect  song to add to your exercise routine.

"Round and round on the pole she goes
Where she  stops, no one knows
Cause she's an erotic dancer..."

The Seattle, Washington based singer writes and performs music woven in a tapestry of wordplay and poetry. His use of imagery mixed with suffering and joy have all the emotions of a great spiritual experience. Mr. Esquire relates to the human experience by consoling, enlightening and arousing his audience with a message of hope and encouragement. 

Jules has performed in front of a host of audiences, gracing the stages at the Reggie's Rock Club(Chicago), Crocodile Back Bar(Seattle), Subterranean(Chicago) and the Bud Light Stage at the Taste of Chicago, just to name a few. Listeners are inspired by his lyrics and moved by the depth in which he scribes life’s experiences as he bears all and is often transparent to a fault. He shows no pretense or fear of unexplored emotions. Prepare to go on a journey of truth mixed with a sensual innocence only he can administer. Allow his music to cater to your senses and escort you on an euphoric excursion. 

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