Music Post Quarantine -- Checking In with Manu Francois

Last month we introduced you to Manu Francois, an experimental/pop/rap artist from New Zealand. His musical creations are good to the bone and great to the soul.  And his sound varies from intelligent and gripping raps to soaring and worldly vocals over both electronic and acoustic music. He dropped a number of singles this year through Paradise Studios, but was planning to drop a new album this winter entitled "Ten Of A Kind."

Thanks to a worldwide pandemic and lots of time to reflect, write, and produce, Manu is ahead of schedule. We chatted with the talented artist to see how he's been dealing with the quarantine.
Hey Manu, what have you been up to since we last spoke?

This Quarantine has been suuuper productive and I have not only completed my album "Ten Of A Kind" in collaboration with LIPSKI (on the beats) ready to drop this month! But have also dropped a bunch of singles and have more ready to arrive soon. 

Oh really, what the latest one?
The latest is off LIPSKI's upcoming collaborative rap album, 'Bring The Heat' which is due to drop in the coming months and featuring a host of talented rappers and from NZ, UK and The States. The track is called The Whole Sum. 

And so you say you've completed you album? Tell us about it...
My album "Ten Of A Kind" is a collection of Gems. Unique and gripping, each one shining with a different radiant hue in the light of the sun. Also featuring talented artists from New Zealand and abroad (including my brother Mongstar who lives in St. Lucia in the Caribbean. He's on the track 'Ride Up.') 

The tracklist is as follows (*The ones with stars have already been released)
*Free Bird (ft. Maria Flores) 
Ride Up (ft. Mongstar) 
*When You're Away Gracious Star (ft. LIPSKI)
 Sensitive Little Souls (ft. Michele Ducray) 
*Proud (ft. LIPSKI Alisha Greatorex) 
Jah Bless (ft. Fellon SBG)
The Move 

I am absolutely thrilled to bring this album to the musical world and I have spent every day over the past 6 months working on this album and it is entirely self produced at Paradise Studios. The beats  are by LIPSKI.

Sounds like you've been grinding! Anything I missed?
In addition to this there were off the cuff releases such as Beyond Our Vision (Acoustic version)  and (Drum and Bass remix) that we created that have had great responses as well. Check them out ...