The Tristones Drop Exciting New Album -- 'Camaro'

The Tristones are comprised of Tristan Clark on guitars and lead vocals, Adam Jackson on drums, percussion and background vocals and Gregory Jones, who plays bass, percussion and also provides background vocals. They have a classic sound, rockin' harmonies, and stellar lyrics. Their sophmore album, "Camaro," is a delicious signature blend of rock, blues, funk and jazz influences.

"Because my only stop is you,
I'll be here for a lifelong rendezvous"

The Tristones long ride to "Camaro" began after Clark packed up his guitars in 2014 and relocated to New York City. Originally from Nanaimo, British Columbia, the Canadian musician would perform with his college classmates in Toronto and they released an album as The Tristones entitled, "Donkey" in 2012. But upon getting settled in The Big Apple, Tristan reformed The Tristones with featured players Gregory Jones on bass and Adam Jackson on drums. The band's sound has matured. The new album is refined, and the end-product is exciting.  

Streaming through the various songs on the album,  you'll truly appreciate Tristan’s breadth of influences, his immaculate sense of groove and rhythm. He has mastered the best elements of a mashup of genres, and as taken on the role of songwriter. The title track, Camaro, is a hilarious, slightly dirty play on perspective about a car (or is it about a girl?!) that is out of his reach. “I wrote that one in less than 20 minutes and couldn’t stop laughing out loud the whole way through” Clark says.

The debut single, Love Avenue, is an ode to New York City, Tristan’s adopted home of the past 5 years. This sultry roots-rock tune takes listeners on various subway rides to his favorite gems in Manhattan, Harlem, Williamsburg and Park Slope. Clark’s perspective on the tune: “Love Avenue is about exploring great places in New York and making memories at these places, but always finding your way back home to those you love.”


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