AfriCali's Refreshing Single-- Daughters of the Sun

Neo-Afro-Soul-Funk-Fusion band, AfriCali has got the rhythms and vibes to send your spirit to the moon. The California based band's single, "Daughters of the Sun" stands on its own. The song comes with its own libations and vibrations. 

AfriCali started out as a journey of a young man born in South Africa and inspired by the sexiness of Hip hop music -- using  music samples to make new beats in the 90's, thick bass lines, synths and 808 beats.  Now you mix in Northern California's live music scene and you come upon the eruption of AfriCali vibes. 

I've listened to a lot of music, and I've never heard a body of music as dope and electrifying as this. The way it jumps back and forth between genres --mixing instruments and beats, fusing it all together like a house party where the elders are drinking and find themselves in a jam session with those from the present-day.   

After working together with some musical wonders like Brian Wilson, Gerry Garcia, Talib Kweli and K’Naan, keyboarder Nico Georis and MC Eyezon founded AfriCali in 2010 as "an immaculate realization of the musical melting pot" that they envisioned.

The song sounds like a mashup of Common and Marvin Gaye with a Jackson 5 like tempo. If ever you needed an escape from reality, you're in luck. AfriCali's Daughters of the Sun can take you on a hip trippy hop to the 70s.   

Eyezon grew up in South Africa where he says music was the escape from the Apartheid, poverty and struggle going on at that time. Hearing the sounds of Hugh Masekela to Brenda Faso to Earth, Wind and Fire to Michael Jackson, he started to recognize that music would be his muse. He was introduced to hip-hip via African rap artists, Tumi Molekane and Kao.