Album Review: Chicago Gypsy Project, "We Swing" by Savoirfaire Jazz Violinist

"We Swing" is the debut album of the Chicago Gypsy Project, an all-acoustic Gypsy jazz group led by classically trained  jazz violinist, Samuel Savoirfaire Williams. Samuel "Savoir Faire." Williams is a Living Chicago Urban Legend  and a Jazz violin pioneer--integrating contemporary Jazz with other forms of music. 

The album was recorded in Chicago, Illinois at Handwritten Recording Studios for Samuel Williams Record Label CCEG Inc., and also features Dave Miller on guitar and Doug Bistrow on bass.  The trio masterfully swing and weave folk, jazz, blues, and rock through seven tracks of beautifully arranged Jazz Standards. The group chose the songs because of their popularity at Jazz Jam Sessions in Chicago all of the original members of Chicago Gypsy Project met and made their names in Chicago as jazz Artists from Chicago Jazz Jam Sessions.

My favorite song on the album is Speak Low,  an upbeat festive number that delightfully infuses a folk vibe to make a jazztastic arrangement of this popular tune.   I also enjoyed Black Orpheus; listening to this song, as I closed my eyes, I reminisced about my days in South America. There's a latin vibe to this song that's captivating, soothing, and make's the track a must hear!

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