Artist Spotlight: Pavia Ward --'Love Yourself'

British hip-hop artist, Pavia Ward is setting stages and earbuds ablaze. Ward describes her music as "bringing you musical inserts from the diary that is mine." And her new song Love Yourself, reveals her innermost thoughts and feelings. "I'm gonna love me when no one else can," she sings. When asked about this piece, Pavia stated her intention was to uplift and empower... to promote self love, and love for all in the midst of unprecedented times. And her heartfelt and soulful expression is inspiring and uplifting indeed.

Born and raised in Manchester, UK  Pavia became a hip-hop artist using music as an outlet for things she feels strongly about or has experienced.  She is inspired by a versatile catalogue such as Carole E. King to Hip-hop stars such as Tupac Shakur. Pavia uses her distinctive Mancunian tone to create and write her music/songs. Last summer she released her solo debut, “Frozen Teardrops”, “Remember Me?!” EP, which had play from BBC Radio four and BBC Introducing Manchester.

"I create music that is true to my heart that I can look back on and know was truly representative of my journey, with the hope to inspire others- People know truth, they can feel it." 

Pavia Ward gives new meaning to being an independent artist. "I am a strong female with sass, in an industry where females are underrepresented. It’s that “P” thing – that sense of self- “Pavia”. I am who I am, and that’s undeniable. I’m not afraid to be."

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