Greg Smith Blesses Us with New Single--In the Vicinity of Miracles

Greg Smith's new single, "In the Vicinity of Miracles", is a riveting, dramatic, and suspenseful song that makes quite a statement. In the Vicinity of Miracles is a reflective and inspirational tune. It feels like it was meant to be played during the closing credits of a film. It's just that good.

Smith's vocal performance is impressive. With his smooth and controlled voice, he gives off an intentionally driving, yet calming effect.  But Greg Smith is more than just a singer. Proficient on a number of instruments,  he has written for, produced and played on numerous jazz, rock, new age and classical albums. His music has been featured on radio stations in San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Savannah.

"In the Vicinity of Miracles" is from the new album, In the Vicinity of Miracles. Prior to this project, Smith had composed and released eight solo albums, including “After Words”, “So it Was”, “So Far”, “Make Your Point”, “Training the Beagle”, “Time”, “Next Time Around” and “Album the First”.  

The songs lyrics are profound.

"But if we let the time we have,
be ruled by doubt in fear,
We'll lose the things we care about, 
the things that we hold dear"
In addition to music, since 1991, Mr. Smith has been training NASA’s astronaut crews in the use of IMAX recording equipment for use on-board the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. He also designed the audio recording system that the astronauts use to record sound in space. Items from his sound recording kit (microphones, recorders, etc.) were donated to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum and featured in an exhibition on filming in space.
With a list of impressive accomplishments, Greg Smith is definitely someone you should follow. Check out his website and social media...