One Less Guest Delivers a Funked Up 'Breeze'

One Less Guest is a quartet from Duluth, Minnesota. The band is made up of guitarist Nick Muska, violinist Ren Cooper, bassist Nick Glass, and drummer Cody Thoreson. Their debut album entitled "Monochrome", showcases their own original music alongside unique renditions of songs from artists past and present.  OLG's musical style draws on their love for jazz, rock and funk.

"Darling won't you pull me closer to the shore"

One of the highlights of the album is their single, Breeze. The summery, refreshing and soulful song is complete with sultry vocals, vibrant strings, and sexy percussive elements. The bassist and violin really help to tie this song together, giving the lyrics a beautiful canvas to bounce from. The funky creative collaboration comes together quite sweetly.  Their album is definitely worth streaming. 

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