The Insufferable Paul Scott Unleashes "Radio Station"

"Radio Station" is the latest musical release from The Insufferable Paul Scott. Scott bares his all on this album, and so, it's no surprise that debut single would be this amazing track.  The singer is unleashing his 'Insufferable' persona on the airwaves yet again.  

"Radio Station" is a smooth alternative rock song. Scott's vocals are like silk--a quality not common when describing alternative music. But there is a mature and polished control that his voice exudes. It makes the songs a pleasure to experience

Paul Scott (The Likes of You, Montana, John Kennedy’s 68 Comeback Special, The Bad Machines and on into the dim recesses of the Indie hive-mind’s faltering memory...) has plied bass and guitar for various Australian acts, playing everywhere from community halls and malls in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to the Sydney Opera House. Most recently Scott released last year's lovingly reviewed and widely supported by community radio, indie-pop album ‘Surrender to Robots’.

Says Scott: "When I was coming up (pre-internet!) the only way you could hear alternative music was on independent and community radio stations: Joy Division, HuskerDu,The Boys Next Door, The Replacements, The Waterboys... I'd hear an amazing song on the radio and have fun hunting for it at the local record emporium. Unfortunately when it came to remembering the details of the track I'd just heard I was less reliable than Shazam: I once spent a week trying to find a Lou Reed song called 'Velvet Underground' only to be set straight by the record store clerk "it's a band not a song, you idiot". "

The Insufferable Paul Scott - 'Radio Station' (EP) is out NOW through Foghorn/MGM. You can stream it on Spotify:

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