Will Love Set to Drop Bangin' Summer Track, 'Don't Let Me Down, The Re-Up'

After being quarantined at home, bored in the house--in the house bored,  then out in these streets for  nearly a month protesting the murder of George Floyd, and demanding that Black Lives Matter, its about time for me to fill up a red solo cup with something sweet and strong, pull out the speakers and bump and rock to some good bounce music.

One song that I know I will be bouncing to is rapper, Will Love's new joint entitled, “Don’t Let Me Down, The Re-Up”.  The track's quintessential bounce drum beat--complete with some subtle samples, is a summer vibe. The mood of this song is witty, light and celebratory.

Will Love has been rapping for the better part of a decade. And while he came up listening to Cash Money, No Limit, 50 Cent, J Cole, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar, his voice hints at Jay Z with a dash of Drake. His lyrics are crisply delivered and ticking all the right boxes...

"No watch on, but you shaking it for Tiktok.."

Love's new single stays true to his roots. One of the best parts of summer in New Orleans are block parties. While Love now calls Charleston, SC home, as a kid, growing up in the Algiers, hearing bounce music play loudly in the street and an impromptu dance break at the traffic light are a rights of passage. "This is one for the summer, paying homage to my hometown of New Orleans. Through these tough times the black community is going thru, I’m trying to bring some fun, party, happy vibes to their 4th of July celebration and overall summer!" He explained.

"You can back it up, but watch my shoes."

This song is a summer playlist must have. “Don’t Let Me Down The, Re-Up” is set to drop July 3rd, so be sure to follow Will Love on the social platforms below to be the first to listen to "Don't Let Me Down, The Re-Up " when it drops: