Billy Ray Rock Wants you to "Get The Funk"

Washington state Singer-Bassist, Billy Ray Rock is billed as the first African American rock artist since Lenny Kravitz---and maybe even Jimi Hendrix. He's described by some as a dance-rock artist, and others as a modern day “Prince". One thing is indisputable-- Billy is a truly unique and standout rock artist. He's a gifted musician who plays more than 10 instruments and produces and performs every instrument you hear in his music.

"If you wanna dance, somebody show these kids..."

His new single, “Get The Funk" is a sexy R&B/Funk fusion track from his yet to be released album titled Bad News. The song has an upbeat, hip-hop -esque vibe similar to the early beginnings of rap music. From the trumpets to the jumpin' keys, drums, and funky ad-libs, this song is hot!

Billy Ray's soulful and synthesized vocals to make this track so funky and catchy. This is a single drawing from Billy Ray's history in music study and influences from classic rock and R&B acts like America, The Eagles, Billy Idol,Cameo, Earth Wind & Fire, Rick James and of course Prince, just to name a few. His signature vocals and unique ground-breaking arrangements tie it all together.

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