Album Review: Flippin' Gothic Fabp -- Real 2 Reel

Rapper, Flippin' Gothic Fabp recently released a new project entitled, "Real 2 Reel". The rap album contains 15 tracks of his raw and "undiluted" original music. Released July 26, 2020, the tracks were all produced by X-Calade Promotionz. 

Flippin' Gothic Fabp, who was formerly known as Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer, really worked hard on this project and did not hold back. Each track is truly original, and has a unique urban sound that is not like whats already being pushed out by most hip hop artists. 

The talented lyricist dropped his new project "to represent his new name for the masses to love and to appreciate." 'Real 2 Reel' can be listened to at

You can also check out his website for more information: