ALBUM REVIEW: Jay Stott -- Wreckage of Now

"Wreckage of Now" is the latest release from Americana artist, Jay Stott.  His alternative country  and progressive sound give his music the blue collar rock sensibility of Springsteen and the mournful tones of Hank Williams era classic country combine with dashes of progressive rock, folk, modern country and traditional blues to make a uniquely American stew of music.

The album is a lively and raw glimpse into Jay's storied life experiences. It is a rockin' exploration into the darker side of life. Jay Stott is a high school English teacher by day and a singer-songwriter by night. Although music isn't paying his bills right now, creativity cant be curbed, so he writes his song ideas in a notebook between classes. His creative streak didn't start yesterday.

"Do another line and pray my soul to keep"
Stott got his first guitar at 14, and he brought music with him on a lot of adventures in the Midwest. His first song, came as he was working as a fishing guide, riding shotgun in a truck on the Alaskan Highway. He landed in Colorado in the early nineties, which is where he’s lived on and off (mostly on) ever since.
A free spirit, Jay’s been a ski instructor, fishing guide, bus driver, brick layer, carpenter, hot tub technician, retail worker, raft guide, janitor, heavy equipment operator, house painter, vacuum cleaner salesperson, airport shuttle driver, bouncer in a strip club, wanna be novelist, newspaper writer, security guard and a bunch of other stuff he can’t remember. He has been known to bring a guitar to class and serenade his students.

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