Artist Spotlight: Adri'd -- Rising Caribbean-Pop Star Releases New Single -- 'Cheddar'

Adri'd, born Adrian Anthony Dell, is an up and coming West Indian singer/songwriter and producer with the talent and ambition to emerge from his island’s thriving scene and become a major player in the music industry. His latest single is entitled Cheddar. The song , which also features Ketto, is a smooth and vibrant track that is playlist and radio ready! The highly melodic and well produced Cheddar is upbeat while maintaining those authentic mellow island vibes. 

Originally from Falmouth, Jamaica, the 27 year old makes a unique  a mix of pop, R&B, and Dancehall that he calls Cari-Pop.  His songs are meant to inspire positive feelings and party vibes, while also paying homage to the gospel music he grew up singing. 

He started producing and releasing his first tracks in 2017. "I have a home studio, or better yet, bedroom studio, however my process is as any commercial studio. Preparation is key. I ensure I prep for my sessions, both technically, and personally and I adjust the space based on the type of mood I’m going for in a song." The indie artists releases his music under the moniker Spew Music Productions.

Within a few years, Adri'd's first singles “Jealous” and “No Drama” had racked up streaming numbers in the thousands. He followed this up with the six track “Blxck Opxl EP” which further raised his profile and demonstrated his growing abilities as an artist. Adri’d is currently preparing new music for release while traveling the world and spreading joy with his inimitable voice.

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