Cyborg Asylum Brilliantly Remakes "Invincible" [VIDEO]

The song I can't get out of my head today is "Invincible" by Cyborg Asylum. The remake of the classic song has a unique sound, a-la Rock of Ages meets UK pop singer, Limahl. Originally sung by Pat Benatar, it's a new, edgier interpretation of the hit.

Cyborg Asylum is a duo group comprised of New York City Producer-Singers David Varga and John Tumminia. An inventive brand of electro post-industrial alt-rock. Sharply crafted beats and grooves blended with beautiful melodies and harmonies make up a rich sonic palette. Listeners are taken on an emotionally charged, alluring, and at times, ominous journey.

Below, you can Official music video for Cyborg Asylum's single, "Invincible". . .

The visual treatment for the track was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic while quarantined in New York City. John and David filmed in their homes. The video was edited by David, who in addition to being a composer/music producer is also an Emmy Award winning editor.

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