L.A. Based Band Lace Delivers Us a 'Liar's Notebook'

Earlier this year, four eclectic musicians weaved their influences of neo-soul, konnakol inspired grooves and Jazz harmony into a delightful EP entitled "Liar's Notebook".  The band is called Lace. Based out of Los Angeles and India, they fuse music for storytelling, making sweet melodic joy through play and experimentation. 

Released April 22, 2020, the EP features vocals by Mana Contractor, Sidhant Jain on the guitar, Connor Coram on the bass guitar, drums by Navneet Rao, and additional percussion  by Emi Desiré.

"Liar's Notebook " begins with Liar, Liar,  a playful and jazzy track that showcases singer, Mana Contractor's vocal and scatting abilities. Lima is a short, soulful musical interlude. Bird, my favorite song of the 4 track project, is a funky, beautiful ballad that embodies elements of neo-soul, experimental jazz, alternative pop.  The final track is called Remember. Mana's vocal delivery on this track is like the lovechild of Lana Del Rey and Erykah Badu. The project is well produced and pleasantly delivered. 

"Liars notebook is about the lies we believe, we tell ourselves and the ones that are told to us. The EP follows the protagonist into her journey as she creates worlds and safe spaces only to confront them later on in life," according to the Lace's website

Stream the album, follow Lace at the links below.
BandCamp - https://laceplays.bandcamp.com/album/liars-notebook
Spotify -https://open.spotify.com/album/6PFUeRQTcVyddunlOtKIAhsi=ZNsOvJWKRJyBWe6qJOqFxA
Website - https://www.laceplays.com/