Rap Buzz: Nasic Drops Dope Track -- 'Bounce Out'

Nasic is an upcoming rapper/songwriter from Plainfield, New Jersey. His newest song is entitled “Bounce Out”. Although he's been making music since high school,  over the last year he really dove into his craft and began taking it more seriously. The end result is a dope and unique sound.  

He's spitting knowledge--rapping about what's really going on with black men all over this country, keeping it raw and gritty without all the rachetness that sometimes comes with a trap beat. “Bounce Out” is just a real chill and fun song I made with the intent to get people out of their seats but also tune in to a dope message." With that northeastern sharp tongue and 23 year old don't give a f*ck, his music has a realness about it that makes Nasic one to watch 👀 .  

"I really enjoy the fun of creating something out of nothing, the art of crafting dope lyrics and melodies that people can bop their heads to, and ultimately having something to say."

"My 2020 experience make me contemplate
Bout where we heading next."

Not a huge fan of mumble rap, he says, "with me, there’s no mumbling or the beat isn’t the main captivating thing about the song. I want the listener to really hear what I’m saying and feel what I’m saying." 

"How I was raised, you get what you give"

Although "Bounce Out" dropped on June 29th, its gaining unique listeners and racking up new streams everyday. If you haven't heard it yet, it’s available on all streaming platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, etc. 

"On the low, I think I might be the realest that you know"

You can follow him on instagram  @gsl.nas.


  1. Wow 🤩 I got to be a fan , his music just gets me going


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