Robert Illo Tells Listeners In new Single, 'Fuck Love'

Detroit, Michigan native, Robert Illo is a force in the Motor City's underground hip-hop circuit. He is no ordinary rapper. Illo brings an unexpected fusion of rap and poetry that delivers a metaphoric artistry.  Sometimes referred to as the Non-fictional Lyricist, Robert Illo mixes word-life with real-life to create a masterful composition of dope music.

His newest release is entitled, "Fuck Love", the rap anthem of a man scorned. It was produced and presented by Humble Energy  and dropped last week. Check out the video below...

"Was faithful to the home team, 
Now I'm laying the hammer down"

Illo's flow shows a level of maturity. But his lyrics are mastery.  Not only is the content so real and so relevant, the way he shows off his skills as a poet or wordsmith are and art within itself. You should definitely be streaming Robert Illo's music.

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A supreme mic controller, the Detroit emcee combines abstract chants of essential elements of music. His delivery is celebrated locally as well-paced symbiosis of culture and melodious sound. 

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