Cyborg Asylum Releases Single -- "No Kingdom"

Cyborg Asylum is a NYC Producer-Singer duo made up of David Varga and John Tumminia. The Electro Post-Industrial Alt-Rock duo have released a brand new single entitled, "No Kingdom".  Its a riveting and slow-building track with amazing lyrics and top notch production quality. It would be a great song for a video game soundtrack.

Take a look at the video for the single below:

David’s first vision for Cyborg Asylum was for it to be a compilation of dark electronic instrumentals set in a post-apocalyptic landscape. After writing the g
ritty album opener, “Blitz,” and a live orchestral and electronic interlude piece, “Angle of Incidence,” he decided to round out the vision by adding songs to the track line up. Long time friend, singer/songwriter John Tumminia thus joined the project at David’s request. “I needed a good lyricist to work with and John was the perfect person for that.“ Having sung and co-written songs for bands in addition to lending his vocals to jingles over the years, John has also filled the role of lead singer for Cyborg Asylum.

All of the writing and arranging for Cyborg Asylum takes place in David’s home studio (The Sky Box). Guitar parts are sent to David’s cousin, Phil Jones in England, where he plays and records them. The process is very much a product of the times we live in, with constant digital transfer of files throughout the writing process. It isn’t until the group heads into the studio to properly record vocals and mix that everyone is in the same room at once. Stay tuned for the album coming soon

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