Last Charge of the Light Horse Back at it with 'The Sand Reckoner'


Indie rock band, Last Charge of the Light Horse has released a new album.  Entitled, "The Sand Reckoner", it contains 11 tracks like Old Habits, a groovy song with international influences where "common place feels strange" and Running My Finger Along the Scar, a soulful, slightly nostalgic ballad about "the nights we spent together" and "crimson stains of heartbreak."

Comprised of Jean-Paul Vest, Bob Stander, Shawn Murray, and Pemberton Roach, the band's sound is refreshing, hip, and polished. 

The album is dope. Stream it; you'll probably add it to your playlist-- even if alt-rock is not your thing--

Last Charge of the Light Horse was formed in 2004 as a vehicle for songwriter Jean-Paul Vest's off-beat tunes, and they've remained constantly in motion in the years since. Never content to stay with one musical style—or band lineup—for long, the group has released two albums, one single, and one EP, gaining them mention in several "Best of the Year" lists and heavy rotation on college radio, where they charted as high as #1 on stations around the country.

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