Nick Sumner and the Assistance -- "Look Out Below"

Nick Sumner and the Assistance  is New York-based rock trio comprised of 3 strikingly different musicians, all with extensive backgrounds on amazing stages and in front of vast audiences - from MTV's TRL in Times Square to the Hammerstein Ballroom and everywhere in between. Together, they bring new and interesting songs with familiar flavors to an unsuspecting world. 

Frontman Nick Sumner is a singer-songwriter with great vocal chops and gifted lyrics. His band's new single, "Look Out Below" is a unique and highly musical rock song that reflects on life and just how short life can be. This song could be the soundtrack to the year we've been experiencing first-hand.   

"Look out below, we're coming in fast
Each breath we blow
Could be our last..."

Heavily influenced by the guitar-driven sounds of the 90s and influenced by great bands and artists like Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Nick Sumner and the Assistance bring a class of infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics to a table otherwise occupied by what Nick calls "fluff."

You will love their music. Stream it on Spotify and add "Look Out Below" to your playlist.