Stacy Gabel Makes the Most of Being Hunkered Down with New Viral Single "Stir Crazy"

Award winning performer, Stacy Gabel just dropped a new single entitled "Stir Crazy".  She, like most, is trying to make the most of this crazy year filled with quarantines, pandemic, huge protests against racial injustice, and what is shaping up to be the most interesting presidential election in our lifetime. 

With her passion for writing songs with catchy lyrics and memorable melodies, Stacy turned her angst into a beautiful song, using her creativity and talents  to raise our spirits  -- "we've got to love each other, be kind to one and other" --while giving us a good laugh.

"Stir Crazy" has that viral quality. I love the chorus, "oooh, the world is hunkered down" ... But amidst its comedy, the song has a positive message: "We've gotta love this world we're in." 

Check out the hilarious video below:

The Eastern, Pennsylvania singer enjoys the energy of performing for large audiences just as much as the intimacy of a solo acoustic show. When not in the studio recording, Stacy can be seen performing at local festivals, local wineries, resorts and theatres. She enjoys connecting with her audience, leaving each show with new friends and putting a smile on everyone’s face.