Cody Lee Releases "New Normal" from the album 'Woodpecker Crisis'

For the last six months, all I've been hearing about is our new normal --masks, social distancing, and welp... daily death counts. In his new upbeat single entitled,  "New Normal",  Cody Lee lively sings "it is what it is" and "welcome to the new normal." The song is also featured on his album, "Woodpecker Crisis".

"You can talk to the preacher, or you can talk to the freaks."

While we were filling our attics with toilet paper and coping with that uninvited party guest named  COVID-19, singer songwriter Cody Lee reconnected with Nashville musician Kurt Eger. The cool result is the album "Woodpecker Crisis". It is 9 tracks filled with easy going vocals, guitars, energy, edge,  and songs telling gritty truths.  

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