"I Want More" From Silverback Colony

2020, for all its obstacles, has also been a rewarding year for creativity.  For alt-country band, Silverback Country, the result is a new emotional and riveting single entitled  "I Want More".  It features Gabriel Douglas on vocals and guitar, and Kai Brewster on guitar, organ, synth, drums, and bass.  The song takes listeners through an honest and revealing journey as Douglas sings the profound lyrics...

"Sometimes it takes more than you got. 
I've been stranded, I been beaten, 
I've been disheveled. 
And I want more."

The pandemic has allowed Gabriel Douglas and Kai Brewster to create the track, let it grow and flourish as Kai created madness the likes of which can be seen as you float through catching different galaxies as the song envelopes and folds and shoots forth.

The roster of Silverback Colony has continuously fluctuated since its formation in 2011, yet usually at the helm is the beard-stroking Gabriel Douglas directing the ship. A collective of sorts, the shows and the recordings have utilized over 27 musicians from throughout the United States.

You can check out "I Want More" on Bandcamp: https://sbcol.bandcamp.com/album/i-want-more

Bandcamp: sbcol.bandcamp.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/43hN9MkNBMaFFeB6nP6zIu