Artist Spotlight: Peter Nemec

Hip-Hop, which started in The Bronx, New York, has become a global force -- impacting music, fashion, sports, and other industries. Its even influencing other genres of music. The infectious quality of rap music is enjoyed by fans and artists all over the world. One example is rapper Peter Nemec. Peter is an eighteen year old unsigned hip-hop artist, and rap/pop music producer from the Czech Republic. His music is a dope fusion of Emo, Trap, and Alternative. Check out the video for his newest release, "Replace Your Face".  

"Breaking friends is what you do well. Helped you once; I need to replace your face."

Nemec got his start by posting his own work on YouTube and SoundCloud about two years ago. However, the very first breaking point on his path to making music was in the age of six. Passion for playing on the piano brought him to trying experimenting with chord progressions and melodies. Listening to Peter Nemec is like a mix of Juice Wrld and Coldplay.

While learning the instrument, he started to sing as well. From this moment, he connected playing the instrument and singing together which helped him a lot with music theory and developing his talent. Later on, he discovered a passion for transforming ideas into a DAW (Digital audio workstation) and this opened a door for digital distribution-- pushing his music through social media and major streaming services like Spotify. 



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