Binary Drift's Single Is a Classic-- 'The Guilded Age'

"The Guilded Age" is the beautiful new single from Binary Drift, the solo project of songwriter Mauricio Yrivarren. Music had been in the back-burner for a while; he had grown tired of “chasing” songs that did not have a real feel. He's lived on 3 continents. Originally from Lima, Peru,  but he spent many years in the US before moving to Madrid in 2010. This single is the real deal.

The words and music were written by Mauricio M. Yrivarren and the single was produced by Josemi Sánchez. The song is captivating. Binary Drift evokes an indie/ alt-rock feel.

With the smooth 1960s simplicity of The Beatles and a touch the romanticism of the Plain White T's, "The Guilded Age" combines all the best elements of the genre into one track. The vocals melodically complement the profound lyrics like on the chorus, "Silver & sunshine, stillness of time. Daydream believing, just like a child."

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Tell me about the song...
'The Guilded Age' is part of the string of singles of my debut album 'Pocket Tunes', and touches upon trying to find a balance in our lives, how not everything we see or aim for is that valuable. It also, describes how we ought to give ourselves the chance to move forward for the better.

Where did you come up with the title?
I sourced the title after the late 19th era 'the Gilded Age' in the US where there was great economic growth and at the same time abject poverty and inequality. I had added the U in 'gilded' as a joke mirroring Nirvana's spelling of 'nevermind', only to find out that 'guilded' is the old spelling.

How has the pandemic affected your music?
Covid has put everything on hold, but I can't wait to perform live again!