Alex Genadinik Releases "Hannah's Song" [VIDEO]

It seems just about everyday I encounter someone who recently lost or came close to losing someone they loved. Earlier today, new broke that more than 400K people had died of cornavirus complication in the United States. It's hard to imaging a time when your parents or grandparents have transitioned, but singer-songwriter, Alex Genadinik touches on the topic in his new song. He released the video for another one of his new musical works, "Hannah's Song".  At first it feels like a lullaby, but as the song goes along, the lyrics get heavier.

"Your smile writes my songs."

The sentimental track would also play well on  Father's Day or Mother's Day. At one point, he sings about cherishing time and memories, as "the future will come too fast. You’ll hold grandchildren, I’ll be in your past."

Aside from making music, he also has an online business selling novelty t-shirts.

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