Alex Genadinik Releases New Single Just In Time for Valentine's Day

Just in time for Valentine's Day, there's new music you should hear by Alex Genadinik. He's a Russian-American singer songwriter based out of New York City. Last year, we featured him after he published a heartfelt song about mass shootings and gun violence.

The singer just released a new love song and music video entitled "Oh Michaelangelo".

This new ballad was inspired by a painting by reknowned artist, Michaelangelo, Creation of Adam. On the track, Genadinik uses his unique voice and profound lyrics to combines a modern love theme with echoes of one of the most beautiful paintings in history. That painting is on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel showing how God created Adam.

With a smooth melody accompanied by pretty piano arpeggios, this would be a good song to play for your love on Valentine's day or really any day to make them feel special.

"My fingers gliding along your silhouette, You’re breathing with me - our souls have met"

Alex also runs an online store selling  funny t-shirts.

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