Cody Lee is Flying Solo— Releases New Album, ‘Woodpecker Crisis’

Cody Lee is first and will be always a rock ‘n roll musician. He has lived it all, performed with a number of bands, but now it’s his turn to do it alone. Cody reconnected with Nashville musician/producer Kurt Eger for his solo project, and the result is “Woodpecker Crisis” (Periscope #006). 35 minutes, 9 songs, guitars, energy and edge.

Woodpecker Crisis has been received well, so it’s no surprise that it is rising up the charts —currently on the radio and has received airplay on more than 50 college and non-commercial stations across North America.

My favorite track on the album is Drowning. With that rustic rock sound and thoughtful lyrics like “ help me now. I’m drowning in a sea of hurt,” this song is a true  representation of how much Cody Lee still has to give.