George Codey Talks New Music, 'ROTFL' + 'Daddy'

George Codey is a 25 year old up and coming alternative artist. The London based singer writes, records, mixes and masters all his own music. His new single, "Daddy", is a dope blend of rock, rap, and electronic sounds. It has a dark, dirty feel -- rhythmic electronic guitar and drum loops help set the mood as Codey dives deep to the low edges of his voice. 

His fashion sense is non binary. "I refer to myself as ‘The UK’s ugliest Daddy’. I don’t take myself too seriously, I fuck with fashion by wearing what I feel comfortable in, boys can wear skirts, girls can wear jogging bottoms," he explains.

What I love about "Daddy" is that it's an authentic expression of creativity. It's out of the box -- emo meets punk rock; its musically different and fun to listen to. 

He's versatile as an artist. In contrast to "Daddy", Codey just released a deeply personal song called "ROTFL" (If Only You Knew). He uses a completely different side of his voice in this emotional track. "This song was written when I was at one of my lowest points and that’s why it means so much to me."

The heartfelt song touches on mental health issues, something a lot of people have been dealing with these last 12 months. Of this song he says, "in general, life is tough for everyone at the moment, in different ways. Some are coping, some are barely getting through each day. We all have our own little demons that live inside our head, taunting whatever we do, reminding us we aren’t good enough. Well we fucking are."   

George Codey believes everyone is entitled to be who they dream of being, "and if nobody else accepts them, I always will." 

While he calls himself ugly, he's a vulnerable artist that shares his emotions with his listeners; he will always eat. Especially because he delivers songs in a special yet beautiful way. That is George Codey.  Be sure to hit him up on the gram and stream him on Spotify.

Instagram: @georgecodey_