Grammy Nominated Vocal Powerhouse, Martha Wash Releases New Album — “Love & Conflict”

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of listening to the latest album by two time Grammy nominated singer, Martha Wash. Entitled “Love & Conflict”, it’s an eclectically curated collection of blues-rock and adult contemporary tunes. Ms. Wash is no stranger to love or conflict. Rolling Stone titled her, “ The Most Famous Unknown Singer of the ’90s”.

Martha Wash is the voice behind powerhouse dance hits like  “It’s Raining Men,” “Gonna Make You Sweat” and “Strike It Up”. Now she’s lending her amazing vocal talent to new genres of music, working with Canadian producers, Sam Basbous, Felix Petit, and Andrew David on this project.

The end product is a blissful set of songs that you will no doubt enjoy. While Martha admits “Love & Conflict” has taken her out of her comfort zone, the new music she has released under Purple Rose Records is uplifting (not surprising given  her gospel roots) and thought provoking. 

Highlights of the album include “Never Enough Money”, “Like Fire”, and “Glamour Flows”.