Johnny O'Neil Releases Single, "Snake In The Grass" from the album "Truth or Dare"

On January 21st, guitarist, singer, songwriter Johnny O'Neil will be releasing a his first solo full-length album. But we've already got a sample of whats to come. His single entitled, "Snake in The Grass", is a rockin' electric guitar filled anthem from his blazing new solo debut, "Truth or Dare". 

The project is a long-time coming. He began playing lead guitar in Twin Cities nightclubs at the tender age of 14. Johnny’s debut solo album, "Truth or Dare” features nine songs. In addition to writing all but one of the songs, Johnny sings all lead vocals, and plays all guitars on the album. Johnny also enlisted percussion powerhouse Joachim Baecker on drums for the album. 

O'Neil is co-founder and main-stay of the Minnesota legendary hard rock band Dare Force. It's a muscular, guitar-driven rock with a powerful foundation supplied by drummer Joachim Baecker, as well as a guest appearance by UFO's original keyboardist Danny Peyronel. Both O'Neil and Baecker are no strangers to the Midwest music scene, and have finally joined forces to lay down a new set of refreshing rock & roll. 

Engineer and co-producer Brian Bart (a Midwest legend in his own right and co-founder of Dare Force along with O'Neil) has delivered a crisp, clean recording that fully captures O'Neil's blistering guitar work. Truth or Dare features nine including the single Snake phonic rocker Temple, the tal World Run Amuck, and Beatles' classic Revolution.