Kung Fu Hippies Set to Release Single, "Northwoods Boy"

It's a new year, and that means we get new music. Up next are the Kung Fu Hippies who are dropping their first original single of the year entitled "Northwoods Boy" next month. It's a soulful Rock/Americana tune that has a a national release date of Feb. 5th. 

Spotify pre-save link: https://show.co/MA1l2CU

On this song, the veteran twin cities-based captures perfectly the atmosphere of homegrown Minnesota Americana Rock that the six-piece combo has hashed out and fine-tuned since playing their first show in 2000. 

The song has great lyrics and perfect instrumental accompaniment. The song feels like good dive bar music. I could also see this track on a movie or tv series sound track. 

"I see a vision of a little boy. He's riding through the night..."

Brad Ray (vocals/acoustic) brings the mojo that holds it all together; Frank Leonovich (vocals/lead guitar) never fails to come up with new and innovative ways to pluck; Chad Whittaker (vocals/bass) weaves his way in and around the music with his melodic and inventive bass lines; Buzz Chopper (keys) swirls his way through psychedelic peaks and valleys; Geofford Prettner (drums) brings the grease to the wheels with his soulful backbeat; mark 'munchie' collins (drums) is the perfect yin to Geofford's yang with his precision drumming and anticipated fills.