Mixtape Buzz: SaucyKb Talks 'Love Jones' and Upcoming EP 'Trap Romance'

SaucyKb is a 23 year old music artist from Atlanta, GA. He started his music journey in 2019, making music, recording, and he released his debut EP entitled “Proceed With Caution”. The project contains 5 songs including "Love Jones" After getting some positive feedback, he released a music video for track in December. Check out the visual below . . .

The song and the video are dope. The track has a saucy vibe, mixing trap and progressive r&b elements. Coming out of the birthplace of trap music, I would expect to hear some sick high hats on the track, and SaucyKb delivers!

"Baby I need you so my dreams come to fruition..."

Off the buzz of the first tape, he jumped right back into the grind and is planning to drop another EP in February 2021 called “Trap Romance” that brings both edge and romance.  But how he moves should come as no surprise; SaucyKb is no stranger to pressure and heat. The rapper's devoted himself not only to hip hop, but also to serving our country. 

"Outside of music, I am active duty military which helps fund my music and helps me stay independent." He explained.

When asked about his sound and style, he replied. "My music gives off a trap romance vibe and is relatable and puts my audience in a position to be able to connect with me and feel my passion for what I do."  

Instagram: @saucykb