Singer-Songwriter, WIndfread Releases New Single, 'Too Comfortable'

Felix Windfread Artemus Jr. known musically simply as Windfread, is a multidimensional artist. His new song entitled, “Too Comfortable”,  will be released in February.  A self-producing artist born in Kennesaw, Georgia his southern upbringing and connective, heartfelt lyrics offer his listeners a unique musical vibe while sharing his story. His new song unpacks a part of that experience. 

"This record is about a girl that I’m falling for and I think she’s doing the same for me too. Yet, my past heartbreak and similar scenarios made me cautious. Thus, I don’t want to get “Too Comfortable” with her and end up in the same way that I was before." He explained. 

“I know it really seems like I’m missing the cues / but I’m really getting tired of being misused.” 

The singer songwriter has been getting a lot of positive feedback about his music. "After playing the new song at a gathering at my college campus, a student had told me, 'I caught myself really vibing out to that. Really love the sound of your music man.'" 

His music, his lyrics, his laid-back baritone vocals, this kid has it all. It is clear from the jump that Windfread has a deep connection to music and  affection soulful sounds that is rare to find nowadays. "I always loved music – first being inspired by Michael Jackson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and Babyface to now my current inspiration of Charlie Puth. " 

The self-producing artist  started making music in his junior year of high school-- experimenting R&B, Trap and Rap. "After loving to do the chorus’, I took the flight to Pop and haven’t gotten off since", he told us. 

You'll definitely want to add Windfread to your playlist and stream "Too Comfortable". Check out all his social and streaming links here: