Austrailian Rapper, Bison Set to Drop Sophomore Mixtape -- 'Molly Groove'

he bison is usually calm. It's a prehistoric creature that looks like a cross between a cow and a buffalo. But it may be ready to charge; they are unpredictable and can charge at any moment. There's a rapper whose music shares that same 
unpredictably, coolness and is definitely ready to charge forward. Influenced by hip hop greats like Biggie, Tupac, and Pimp C, Australian rapper, Bison is sharing his out of the box creativity with hip hop heads. On the heels of his debut project, "Molly Rhythm", he announced that he will be dropping a second mixtape, "Molly Groove" next month. 

"Buckle up, we on the runway"

When rapping, Bison's delivery is on point. He maintains a steady, flirtatious flow. His lyrics are profound, helping him land some sick rhymes. His music infuses dope elements of lofi, trap, and progressive r&b to mix things up a bit. No two tracks are the same. But he always bring that same energy.

The second project is set to dope on March 12th, and getting to the final product has been a labor of love. Bison charged full steam ahead taking advantage of the quiet time he gained during the pandemic's quarantines and isolation. The Southwest Sydney emcee says, "music is a passion; it’s really something I couldn’t live with out."

He's been in the game 10 years plus, so you know this next one will not disappoint. His last project had some bangers on it like Good Lovin and Your Body. But you'll have to wait a couple weeks to enjoy the fresh bars.