Bludgers Release Fun New EP - 'Bludgers FIVE'

Every one could use a little more fun in their lives right now. One of the easiest and most socially distanced ways to enjoy yourself during this pandemic is through good music. Country-rock band, Bludgers has released an impressive new EP that will help you fit the bill.  Entitled, "Bludgers FIVE", the project is the most varied and lively set of songs of this veteran band’s career. They're an American band with members in California, Ohio, Boston, New York and New Zealand.

The EP is full of great melodies, soaring harmonies and joy-filled playing that a merge country instrumentation with rock's beat and socially conscious attitude..

The guitars buzz and bend and intertwine, finding the big sweet spot between power- pop and country. The powerhouse rhythm section rolls warm and steady under witty and observant lyrics about a truer-than-life cast of characters. 

"Should we pick up the phone? Should we hang out our dirty laundry and stay home..."

The songs steer confidently from country-rock jangle (‘Dirty Laundry’) to acoustic roots-pop (‘Frozen Ground’), and from classic rock balladry (‘Saint Monday’) to open-plains twang (‘More Things You Don’t Need’). Capping it all is ‘Full Steam Behind’, a slab of pure power-pop with all the swagger of a lost radio hit from the 1980s. 



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