FILM REVIEW: Kel Thompson's 'The Terrible Adventure'

Happy Earth Day!  Signs of climate change are all around us. The average temperature of the Earth is rising, and as the Earth keeps getting warmer, the negative effects of this global warming are expected to outweigh the positive ones. But global warming isn't our only problem. 

To celebrate the day, I watched The Terrible Adventure to see what all the fuss was about, and loved it!  The highly comedic film sends a great message about the power and perseverance kids who take a page out of the playbook of young environmental activist Greta Thunberg. This is a great film to watch for Earth Day! 

The movie was derived the from the imagination of filmmaker, Kel Thompson and his children, Jackson and Olivia. It is an inspiring fictional story of what happens when the two affluent siblings, Jackson and Olivia, are faced with losing everything. 

In the movie, Jackson and Olivia deliver acting performances that are quite impressive as they spring into action attempting to conquer a contest put on by billionaire Billy Branson. They run into quite an adventure when they discover that  two corrupt “Ice Cream Men”, Iceman and Chilly, conspire to win the contest and steal the million dollar prize.

The movie has everything young film watchers love -- drones, walkie talkies, ice cream trucks, and pirates. It's quite entertaining.

And its been getting a lot positive reviews and reception. It was an official selection in the 2020 Kids First Film Festival and given 5 out of 5 stars. Based on the success of the film, filmmaker, Kel Thompson has been invited to be on the alumni panel at Dances With Films this year and The Terrible Adventure will get a second screening at Dances With Films.

Its available on Amazon Prime: