Review: Sugar Addikt Releases New EP, "Phoenix'

Electronic duo, Sugar Addikt recently released a new EP entitled "Phoenix". It tells a meaningful story of accountability, change and rebellion. 

The two members of Sugar Addikt share a unique connection; they're a mother and son duo based out of the Seattle, Washington area.  Singer/songwriter, Vanessa Littrell  is the wordsmith and vocalist while her son, Bowman Litrell is Sugar Addikt's mastermind of synths and sounds.

Bo is an integral part of the "Phoenix" project's 90s electronic feel. New Dawn  draws on nostalgic sounds of dance music's heyday and introduces current culturally iconic lyrics like "when they go low, we go high". Vanessa takes the EP to new heights with her stellar vocals-- most notably on Shackles.   

While fully a generation apart, this mother and son combo communicates beyond a single era, transporting the listener into a timeless dance mode. Phoenix, an EP of five original songs, is their first collaboration. You can listen to the whole project on Spotify