ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Realmannyg, Producer and Beatmaker Issa Whole Vibe

Realmannyg, also known as Emmanuel Olowe is an  Nigerian-American creative extraordinaire who grew up in Houston, Texas, but delivers music with an international appeal. Everyone loves dance music, and his music takes on a life of its own--filled with electronically fired up beats. The artist has an amazing passion for EDM music and produces his own innovative beats. 

One of his more popular tracks is Extranjero Papi Intro. It's a dope, trap meets chill-hop type instrumental. Its well produced and perfect for the mellow study vibes. 

Another highlight for Realmannyg is his song, UNIVERSE 4. The track has an undeniable thumping pulse that beats into your soul. His compilation of electronic dance music is filled with lively tracks that will send you into a trance.

He says he plans to release an EP by the end of this summer, and we will are anxiously awaiting its release. 

You can listen to all Realmannyg's music on Spotify.