Santa Sallet Releases New Single and Music Video -- 'Just Another Tuesday'

Santa Sallet is a rapper, producer, and businessman based in Washington, DC.  He recently released the single, Just Another Tuesday. The song has a classic rap feel, pulsing vibe, and a smooth finish.  The new track is off his upcoming mixtape entitled "Plutography"

Sallet's beat and style pull from hip-hop’s golden era when the lyrical wordplay and versatility were pivotal to a song's success. He's got a tough exterior, but an even, untroubled flow that delivers his creative bars nicely and without all the extra hoopla. He raps, "both my wrists, they glisten... wrists look like they kissing". The song is fun, and free spirited. Sallet explained, “this is just what being a rapper is all about. Just hanging out with your friends, spending the money you made, and enjoying life. To most, this type of lifestyle is hard to attain. To me, it was "Just Another Tuesday."

"You can't see me man. I'm outta sight. I'm on that flight..."

The song was written by Santa Sallet and mixed by MSP producer, Nemizzo. When Nemizzo sent Santa the beat for “Just Another Tuesday”, the lyrics were free-flowing between them. As soon as Santa got home, he wrote down the lyrics for the track.

The multifaceted artist also served as the director and producer for the “Just Another Tuesday” music video. It features the MSP duo, Nemizzo and Santa, and is centered around a white BMW i8. The rapper says the first half of the video was filmed in Montpellier and then he finished off the filming process in DC. 

The single is available now on SoundCloud and all other major platforms.