FILM REVIEW: 'A City Haunted', Sheds Light on A History of Paranormal Experiences in Redlands, California

Last week, the federal government finally admitted they had no explanation for hundreds of unidentified aerial phenomena, formerly referred to as UFOs.  As disturbing as it is to think there may be aliens visiting our planet, it's more important that folks are honest about it. Some things are just too hard to deny. But while people are only now learning that there really may be extraterrestrial visitors,  paranormal experiences, on the other hand, have been widely suspected and investigated for centuries. 

This past weekend, I had the privilege of screening "A City Haunted", a new documentary film about the multiple reports of paranormal activity that have been centered around Redlands, California.  

"We're diminishing part of Redlands charm by trying to keep it quiet."

Directed by Andrew Castruita and produced by Imperial Films, the film features a cross-section of intriguingly insightful interviews from paranormal investigators and residents of the small town located about 65 miles south of Los Angeles. I've visited LA, and Riverside, but was not aware of that there was this haunted town called Redlands within driving distance. I was glued to the screen as I heard descriptive accounts of the town's multiple haunted locations, all within a five mile proximity of the town that smells like orange blossoms. Things like a whispering or a random breeze have been experienced by many town residents. 

The documentary exposes how paranormal investigators and local residents are all aware of the hauntings, one even describing a haunted 19th century mansion with a "past of spiritual activity" that still raises hairs on his head. He described his experiences from living near the Barton mansion, "you know... I walk by it.. it does have a weird air to it." While it has been renovated, he admitted he still wonders what really goes on there.

While some experts try to negate and deny these strange turns of events, some as simple as a remote control that went missing and found in an unexplainable location, this film sheds light on things that just don't sit right in Redland, California, and "there's no evidence that can't prove they're wrong."

With in-depth commentary from Anne Cloud, Larry A. Sair, and representatives of the Redlands-based paranormal research group, Cal Para, the documentary is informative, entertaining to watch, and a must see for those who enjoy expanding their knowledge base.