Split Persona Delivers 90's Alt Rock Nostalgia on Newest Single, 'On Your Own'

Split Persona is not your ordinary rock band. The Reno, Nevada based band juxtaposes classic and contemporary musical elements. Sonically, think early alt rock, catchy melodies, and toned guitars. Pulling down their masks and getting down to business, the band is picking up where they left off before a worldwide pandemic brought the music industry to a stand-still.  Their latest single, On Your Own, is an instantly infectious hard edged rock song with a nice melodic finish. 

You don't even need to be a rocker to feel the vibe on this jam.  The track has lyrics you can connect to and a 90s nostalgia that's reminiscent of The Rembrandts.

"Obey my every command. How does it feel when the tables are overturned..."

Led by the vision of Zander Hoschak and the intensely ambitious spirit of the independent rock scene, Reno based hard rockers Split Persona got off to such a blazing start in 2019 and early 2020 that literally only a pandemic had the power to halt their momentum. For a group that formed by accident, they bring a ton of edgy, a kickass live performance, eclectic sonic energies to the indie rock world – balancing explosive, hard hitting guitar stabs and propulsive drum parts with  memorable melodies, catchy hooks and the singer’s emotionally compelling but often coolly abstract lyrics.

The single is a must stream! It's available on all major streaming platforms.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4muk9vMMzrIWiwfxD0bTRB?si=ffc4fbc02bb04dae&nd=1