ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Its Luxs Drops Dope Hip Hop Project, 'Pressure'

Britney Epps has steadily grown into the diverse and eclectic talent that she is today. Over a short time, the Louisville, Kentucky native infiltrated hip hop and R&B to create her intentionally unique sound. As an artist, she is known as Its Luxs

Luxs has been able to bring authenticity through her lyrics and touch people from all backgrounds with her music. Her humble persona makes her stand out from the rest; representing her as a powerful symbol in the new era of the entertainment industry. Her new project, entitled "Pressure", is a 12 track release of, as she raps, "bad bitch energy." Luxs has a sexy confidence in her style. Her delivery and sound give Nicki Minaj + Megan Thee Stallion some healthy competition. She's putting that pressure not just on the female emcees, but any rapper that gets in her way. 

Some of the highlights on the album include Dime Ft. Ocho, Beatbox Challenge, Best of Me, and All Falls Down.  

Luxs says, "it all started when I was little, my older brother & I would write songs on the computer or I would act out music videos like “movies” by Ashanti or “Ring the Alarm” by Beyoncé (my brother played the security guard when Beyoncé was going crazy) funniest shit now. On top of that I always was good at writing poems. In fact my bother remembered when I wrote a poem in elementary & my poem won 1st place in a county contest. Fast forward to 2020 he encouraged me to write a song to promote my hair business. I wrote & recorded “Tap In” a Saweetie song, and instantly fell in love with how music is created. That’s also when the people around me seen my musical capabilities & pushed me to keep going!! I haven’t looked back since. "